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Eroding Edges

at MountainFilm

Eroding Edges premiered as a teaser trailer on the National Geographic Stage at MountainFilm 2017.  Using a combined approach of photography, film, drone imagery, multi-media journalism, academic research and community based advocacy, the project has received recognition for moving the focus beyond the sensationalism of the tragedy and towards stories of hope and heroism for those who are working to protect their homes and cultural heritage.  

Climate Change is an American Story too

Victoria Herrmann presents on the TEDx Stage

Documentary Matters

Michael Snyder presents Eroding Edges in Boston at Documentary Matters (in partnership with Social Documentary Network, Blue Earth Alliance and Digital Silver Imaging) and at the Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit in New Haven.

Climate Change

or Survival

Victoria Herrmann presents 'Climate Change or Survival, Choose Your Own Adventure' CreativeMornings in Washington, DC, June 2017

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